PA Financial Group information for Pittsburgh Home Buyers

PA Financial Group brings together lenders and borrowers.

We work with dozens of lenders, not as employees, but as a freelance agent working for YOU. Think of us as scouts. We will analyze your individual credit situation to determine which lender is the best fit for your needs. We will submit your application to one or more lenders for the best programs available to you and we will work with you and the chosen lender until the loan closes.

Our Promise:

  • We will keep the commitments we make on rates and closing costs.
  • We will communicate with you clearly and promptly and with your Realtor as applicable.

A few financial tips while looking for a mortgage:

  • Don’t Make a Major Purchase-You’ve just found out your credit is A+. That’s great news, because a new car would look fantastic in the driveway of your new home. But hang on–if you are depending on a mortgage to move in, you’d best wait until after closing to buy the car. An increase in your debt to income ratio reduces the amount of monthly income available for your mortgage payment.
  • Don’t Change Jobs Unless It’s Necessary-Banks like to see a consistent job history. They aren’t usually as nervous if you change jobs within the same field, but it’s better to stay put until the keys to the house are in your hand.
  • Don’t Ignore Lender Requirements-Know what is expected of you and take care of it. For instance, a Certificate of Eligibility is required to move forward on a VA loan. That’s something you must handle yourself. Answer lender questions and provide required paperwork as quickly as possible–your closing depends on it.

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