Information for Pittsburgh Home Sellers

PA Financial Group – Home-Seller Assistance Program

The one big concept that will line up buyers for your property is seller-financing. However, few sellers are willing to hold the note and collect payments over time. We allow you to offer seller-financing without the hassle. You can motivate many more buyers to make offers on your property.

Selling your home yourself has never been easier!

PA Financial offers a comprehensive home-seller assist program which offers everything you need to successfully evaluate offers and buyers, and have a hassle-free closing.

We provide you with the training and materials that you need to present your home to your buyers in a professional and appealing manner and make your home sale transaction easy and profitable.

Look at what we have available to you.

  • Home Information Sheets
  • Mortgage Pre-Qualifications
  • We can customize our program to suit your needs.

Contact PA Financial now to learn more about the Home Seller Assist program! Call us at 412-375-7492 or or e-mail us now!