About PA Financial Group – Pittsburgh Mortgages

We are Pennsylvania’s Mortgage Company

Mortgage Brokers now provide 70% of all mortgages…more than banks, credit unions and S&L’s combined. We are licensed in Pennsylvania.

We are a traditional mortgage company, with an office where most of our business is handled face-to-face. We were founded in 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA.  PA Financial Group is run with customer satisfaction the first priority. This is achieved by giving all customers:

  • Interest rates and closing costs that are better than the competition.
  • Peace of mind with no uncertainties. The rate gets locked with a free float down option, and loan fees are guaranteed at application – no unpleasant surprises!
  • Full access to contact the company owner anytime if your concerns are not satisfied.
  • Guaranteed responsiveness and regular updates – this is a common complaint we hear from people about other lenders.
  • Our understanding that purchasing a home is a stressful time and a commitment the last thing you will need to worry about is tracking down your loan officer or hidden fees.

Our customer satisfaction is extremely high. All of our customers save money and are treated as assets by our company. That is our commitment to everyone who makes a loan application with us. We deliver extra attention and educated professionalism at a no-frills price.  We hope we can be your Mortgage Broker for life!

We shop for your Pennsylvania mortgage.

We will save you money, time, and prevent stress. As a licensed mortgage broker, we have access to multiple rates and programs from numerous lenders. If one of our lenders declines your loan, we have other lenders to turn to with your file. This repackaging and reapplying with other lenders is invisible and free to you, and is required on many loans.  We receive wholesale rates that a consumer can not obtain directly because of the cost savings we provide to the lender in many facets.